Best of November – Happy Birthday Shayari

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Aasman Ki Bulndiyo Par Nam Ho Apka
Chand Ki Darti Par Mukam Ho Apka,
Hum To Rahte Hai Choti Si Duniya Me,
Par Kuda Kare Sara Jhan Ho Apka.

Har Khushi Khushi Mange Aapse,
Jindagi Jinda Dili Mange Aapse,
Ujala Ho Mukaddar Me Aapke Itna,
Ki Chand Bhi Roshni Mange Aapse.

Janm Din Ke Yeh Khaas Lamhe Mubarak,
Aankho Mein Base Naye Khwab Mubarak,
Zindgi Jo Lekar Aayi Hai Aapke Liye Aaj,
Woh Tamaam Khushiyo Ki Haseen Saugat Mubarak.
Happy Birthday!

Ho Puri Dil Ki Har Khwahish Aapki,
Aur Mile Khushiyon Ka Jahan Aapko,
Jab Agar Aap Mange Aasma Ka Ek Tara,
To Bhagwan Dede Sara Aasma Aapko.
*Happy Birth Day*

Meri Dua Hai K Khush Raho Tum,
Mile Na Koi Ghum Jahan Bhi Raho Tum,

Samandar Ki Tarah Dil Hai Gehra Tera,
Khushioun Sa Bhara Rahe Daman Tera,

Tum Jo Kaho Woh Har Khawahish Poori Ho Tumhari,
Khuda Se Bus Yahi Dua Hai Hamari,

Tohfa Kya Doon Tumhain Duaoun K Siwa,
K Khuda Rahe Tum Se Raazi Sadaa.

Taaron Ne Gagan Se Salaam Bheja Hai,
Khushiyon Bhari Ho Apka Jivan Sara,
Dil Se Humne Ye Sandesh Bheja Hai.
Happy Birth Day

Hum Aapke Janamdin Par Dete Hain Yeh Dua
Hum Aur Tum Milkar Honge Kabhi Na Juda
Jivan Bhar Sath Denge Apna Hai Yeh Vaada
Tujh Par Apni Jaan Bhi Denge, Apna Hai Yeh Irada

Khuda Buri Nazar Se Bachaye Aap Ko,
Chand Sitaron Se Sajaye Aap Ko,
Ghum Kya Hota Hai Ye Aap Bhool Hi Jao,
Khuda Zindagi Mai Itna Hasaye Aap Ko.

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Birthday Wishes – Birthdays on Holidays

Birthday Wishes

Making birthday wishes on holidays special is often challenging because birthday tend to get lost in between the cracks with all of the commotion. If it is a big holiday it can be even more difficult for that person each and every year as they feel like they are somewhat forgotten.
Most people don’t even do it intentionally, but rather poor birthday messages and gifts just seem to happen. We are spending lots of money on the holiday itself and most times you justify one big present for both occasions for the person rather than separating it into two separate celebrations. We don’t usually think how it makes the other person feel and just tend to go with it because it’s easier for us. Stop and think for a second how you would feel if your birthday wishes and celebrations were just meshed into another holiday which seemed more important to most people than the fact that you were celebrating your birthday on the same day.

Making Their Birthday Wishes Special

It’s certainly not easy to do both, especially with all of the family confusion and planning and preparation that go into big holidays. Is it acceptable to celebrate the person’s birthday on a different day? Yes, of course, as long as the person celebrating the birthday is okay with that, but you should still give recognition and birthday wishes on the day of their actual birthday as well. If you don’t celebrate your birthday on a holiday then you may never know what those people go through until you encounter someone who does and expresses their hatred for having a birthday on a holiday.
Making birthday wishes special amongst the celebrations of a holiday involves separating the two just enough so that the person feels like they also matter. Whether you celebrate the two at different times or designate an allotted time frame during the day or night to transition into the other celebration is completely up to you. There are other ways as well but it will ultimately depend upon how the birthday boy or girl would like things done.
One surefire way to make birthday wishes seem not special is by getting one gift instead of two different for each celebration. As we said earlier, it shows that you meshed them together and didn’t particularly care to separate the two. Anyone who has a history of bad birthdays on holidays will be deeply saddened by lack of attention and thought that is applied to them on their special day. Take some time to prepare and make their day special. Just because it’s on a holiday, doesn’t mean their birthday wishes and gifts have to suffer. Make the extra effort to please the one’s you love!

Birthday Wishes – A Homemade Gift

Birthday Wishes

Are you hoping to give somebody birthday wishes by creating a homemade gift that could be creative, inexpensive or even both? Homemade gifts can be done right and if you are crafty or have the ability to research you can really make something spectacular.
A homemade birthday wish can be far more thoughtful than a gift certificate, dinner or other overused means of birthday acknowledgement. The hardest part of settling on an idea for a homemade present and special birthday Images is figuring out what to make and what you are good at. If you have done this sort of thing before, it will probably be a breeze; but not everyone is as talented or used to doing crafts like these.

Internet Idea Search & Birthday Wishes

The best resource you can take advantage of is the internet! We have plenty of birthday wishes in our library consisting of quotes, messages, and sayings that will help out in that aspect and you can do some searches of birthday craft ideas or simply crafts in general. There are some very fun ideas out there including making a lamp out of Popsicle sticks and customizing it, homemade jewelry, flower arrangements using real or artificial flowers, woodworking, vase decoration, picture frame customization, furniture building and so much more! The possibilities on the internet are truly endless, you just need to find those perfect birthday wishes in which you can successfully put the idea together and pull it off correctly.
Obviously some of the crafts that you can do depend on availability of materials and your skill level. If you know someone who is handy it may be the perfect opportunity to ask for some help from them and how to go about doing such a craft. Birthday wishes are supposed to be special; and what is more special than putting your hard work and hours into something rather than just whipping out your credit card and purchasing a gift. Of course it depends on the individual, but I think most people would be delighted to get a personalized homemade gift from you.
Browse through our collection of birthday wishes, quotes and messages that are tailored by genre to get started for adding to the homemade gift or putting inside of a card, and start brainstorming of some ideas for a homemade gift. Putting together a floral arrangement with a nice vase is probably one of the easiest and people can enjoy it for years to come if they are artificial flowers. Men will probably not like birthday wishes geared towards flowers, but there are plenty of other simple options out there for them too!

Birthday Wishes – Gifts For Women From Men

Birthday Wishes

Yes men remembering to give birthday wishes and getting the right gift is important and can also be overwhelming. Some people are really easy to buy for, some are much harder and then some men just don’t know how to shop for women altogether. Giving them birthday wishes first thing and making them feel special on their birthday is only half the battle when it comes to a women’s birthday so start taking notes.
While this may not apply to all women it certainly is pretty uniform in comparison to men who seldom care that much for their birthday other than wanting to do what they want to do on that day. Women want to feel like a princess and feel like they were cared for and thought of in such a way that if you fail, there will be havoc to pay. You don’t want to make a woman cry on her birthday and that’s why this post is all about shopping and giving birthday wishes to your special woman.

Women’s Birthday Wishes & Appropriate Gifts

If you are a guy that finds shopping for women an extremely tiresome and daunting task then you may even need to employ the help of friends or family in order to make this day right in her eyes. Giving birthday wishes is the easy part, but planning a spectacular day and getting the right present(s) is often a bit more challenging. Many men fall into the mistake of buying their woman something that they would also love, and while this can be done correctly most men fail at it. Don’t buy her a microwave, new steam cleaner vacuum 2000, or any other household items that basically say she needs to do more cleaning or is only good for household chores.
Birthday wishes and presents should be about how much you appreciate her, not giving her more tools to tidy up the home or other chores like food preparation. It’s not always about how expensive the gift is either, so don’t make excuses that you don’t have a lot of money because great gifts can be derived from creativity and just knowing how to shop. So if you cannot afford a piece of lavish jewelry, you can plan a day trip or a nice evening dinner, or something to remember a time you once shared, or even something she has been dying to have that’s within your budget.
Get a great card that is touching and will make her remember why she fell in love with you and provide extra tid-bits in the card to personalize & supplement the birthday wishes from the stock card. A birthday only comes every 365 days so she expects you to nail this holiday as well as Valentine’s Day because you get a lot of slack for the others. And if you need help for gift ideas and other preparation plans for birthday wishes don’t be afraid to ask for help because by doing so can mean the difference from being lectured about how inconsiderate you are, or really nailing her birthday and making the wishes truly special!

Birthday Wishes – Over The Hill

Birthday Wishes

Is it time to give some birthday wishes to someone who is turning 40 years old? Most people refer to this age as being over the hill, or on the opposite side of youth. They are said to be traveling onto the down slope of the hill rather than up it. To some, these types of birthday wishes won’t be welcomed with open arms because nobody usually wants to bring attention to the fact that they are getting old, but most gifts and gag gifts associated with this age are all in fun!
Almost everyone enjoys a good laugh and this can be the perfect birthday to give them some funny wishes to make humor around the fact that they are indeed getting older. Let’s face it, there’s nothing we can do about getting older but embrace it and live by the old saying that you’re only as old as you feel. Take the humorous birthday wishes as they are which is a joke and meant to be gag gifts.
Shopping for these types of gifts for the person celebrating the birthday isn’t particularly hard. If you want to shop online you will have even greater success of finding some pretty awesome birthday wishes that poke fun at turning over the hill. Just make sure you order with plenty of time to account for shipping or any other unexpected delays that may occur so you have them in time for the person celebrating their birthday.

Over The Hill Gifts & Birthday Wishes

These types of gifts include mugs that say over the hill, funny canes with mirrors and horns on them, over the hill toilet paper, and much more! We have come across some great party gifts and birthday wishes at Spencer’s Gifts which can be found online and in various mall outlets.
If you are shopping last minute and don’t have time to order online then you should research stores like Spencer’s which specialize in wacky and fun gifts that also cater to landmark birthdays like “over the hill.” Parties can also be catered around turning 40 years old but at that age not everybody wants to celebrate their birthday as if they were a kid again blowing out candles with people surrounding them singing happy birthday.
This type of birthday can be done however in a more formal setting rather than a traditional kid birthday aura. Try having a themed party for adults and enjoy some gag gifts at the end of the night as simple birthday wishes for the birthday boy or girl. This offers a perfect way to have a cocktail party that almost every can enjoy and also allows for an adult type of birthday party celebration that isn’t overbearing and childish. Everyone has to grow up sometime whether they want to admit their age or not. Just be careful giving the over the hill birthday wishes to females because they don’t take kindly to getting old or other people knowing their age!

Birthday Wishes – Pleasing The Kids

Birthday Wishes

How do we give kids birthday wishes and gifts that they can not only enjoy but also benefit from? As a parent you may not want to give into your kid’s demands for all of the gadgets, gizmos, video games, candy and other desires they might have. That will leave you with a tough situation to make them happy on their birthday while also satisfying your ulterior motives as well.
Birthday wishes can be done without making your child hate you on their birthday. If they have a hard time understanding why you are not getting them what Mikey got from his family, then you might need to involve them a little bit more in the decision process. If they are used to getting all of the latest video games and you allow them to sit in front of the television for hours every day then it may be harder on you however. But, some kids would really enjoy just being able to plan an adventure or trip with all of their friends to somewhere, whether it is outside at an amusement park, the beach, or laser tag indoors. Birthday wishes can be celebrated like normal and gifts can be exchanged. The best part here is that the kids are being active, engaging socially and are able to have a good time too.

Birthday Wishes, Gifts & Children

Most times a kid will care less about the card and the birthday wishes that are inside of it. They just want to get to the good stuff, the gifts! Depending on their age you probably already know they hate getting clothes and don’t like anything that’s not “cool.” Something that inspires creativity and is also cool can be the perfect solution for you to get your child something they will like while also satisfying your needs. A parent wants what’s best for their children and sometimes that means putting your foot down and leading them on the right path in life. So don’t blame yourself for wanting to get your child books, clothes, and other birthday gifts which promote learning and growing.
If it were up to your son or daughter, their birthday wishes would probably not align with yours. Don’t sweat it, just try to find a happy medium of things they want and things that you would like them to have. Depending on their age, Legos and other similar toys are great for creativity and also can be highly demanded by children. As kids get older they tend to follow trends at school and want to be up with the latest things and what used to please them on their birthday doesn’t really do the trick any longer. They have matured, and might appreciate birthday wishes in a card more but also want the latest style clothes, technology and video game systems so they can play and interact with their friends. Hey, give yourself a break; parenting isn’t easy!