Birthday Wishes – Pleasing The Kids

Birthday Wishes

How do we give kids birthday wishes and gifts that they can not only enjoy but also benefit from? As a parent you may not want to give into your kid’s demands for all of the gadgets, gizmos, video games, candy and other desires they might have. That will leave you with a tough situation to make them happy on their birthday while also satisfying your ulterior motives as well.
Birthday wishes can be done without making your child hate you on their birthday. If they have a hard time understanding why you are not getting them what Mikey got from his family, then you might need to involve them a little bit more in the decision process. If they are used to getting all of the latest video games and you allow them to sit in front of the television for hours every day then it may be harder on you however. But, some kids would really enjoy just being able to plan an adventure or trip with all of their friends to somewhere, whether it is outside at an amusement park, the beach, or laser tag indoors. Birthday wishes can be celebrated like normal and gifts can be exchanged. The best part here is that the kids are being active, engaging socially and are able to have a good time too.

Birthday Wishes, Gifts & Children

Most times a kid will care less about the card and the birthday wishes that are inside of it. They just want to get to the good stuff, the gifts! Depending on their age you probably already know they hate getting clothes and don’t like anything that’s not “cool.” Something that inspires creativity and is also cool can be the perfect solution for you to get your child something they will like while also satisfying your needs. A parent wants what’s best for their children and sometimes that means putting your foot down and leading them on the right path in life. So don’t blame yourself for wanting to get your child books, clothes, and other birthday gifts which promote learning and growing.
If it were up to your son or daughter, their birthday wishes would probably not align with yours. Don’t sweat it, just try to find a happy medium of things they want and things that you would like them to have. Depending on their age, Legos and other similar toys are great for creativity and also can be highly demanded by children. As kids get older they tend to follow trends at school and want to be up with the latest things and what used to please them on their birthday doesn’t really do the trick any longer. They have matured, and might appreciate birthday wishes in a card more but also want the latest style clothes, technology and video game systems so they can play and interact with their friends. Hey, give yourself a break; parenting isn’t easy!