Birthday Wishes – Birthdays on Holidays

Birthday Wishes

Making birthday wishes on holidays special is often challenging because birthday tend to get lost in between the cracks with all of the commotion. If it is a big holiday it can be even more difficult for that person each and every year as they feel like they are somewhat forgotten.
Most people don’t even do it intentionally, but rather poor birthday messages and gifts just seem to happen. We are spending lots of money on the holiday itself and most times you justify one big present for both occasions for the person rather than separating it into two separate celebrations. We don’t usually think how it makes the other person feel and just tend to go with it because it’s easier for us. Stop and think for a second how you would feel if your birthday wishes and celebrations were just meshed into another holiday which seemed more important to most people than the fact that you were celebrating your birthday on the same day.

Making Their Birthday Wishes Special

It’s certainly not easy to do both, especially with all of the family confusion and planning and preparation that go into big holidays. Is it acceptable to celebrate the person’s birthday on a different day? Yes, of course, as long as the person celebrating the birthday is okay with that, but you should still give recognition and birthday wishes on the day of their actual birthday as well. If you don’t celebrate your birthday on a holiday then you may never know what those people go through until you encounter someone who does and expresses their hatred for having a birthday on a holiday.
Making birthday wishes special amongst the celebrations of a holiday involves separating the two just enough so that the person feels like they also matter. Whether you celebrate the two at different times or designate an allotted time frame during the day or night to transition into the other celebration is completely up to you. There are other ways as well but it will ultimately depend upon how the birthday boy or girl would like things done.
One surefire way to make birthday wishes seem not special is by getting one gift instead of two different for each celebration. As we said earlier, it shows that you meshed them together and didn’t particularly care to separate the two. Anyone who has a history of bad birthdays on holidays will be deeply saddened by lack of attention and thought that is applied to them on their special day. Take some time to prepare and make their day special. Just because it’s on a holiday, doesn’t mean their birthday wishes and gifts have to suffer. Make the extra effort to please the one’s you love!