Birthday Wishes – Over The Hill

Birthday Wishes

Is it time to give some birthday wishes to someone who is turning 40 years old? Most people refer to this age as being over the hill, or on the opposite side of youth. They are said to be traveling onto the down slope of the hill rather than up it. To some, these types of birthday wishes won’t be welcomed with open arms because nobody usually wants to bring attention to the fact that they are getting old, but most gifts and gag gifts associated with this age are all in fun!
Almost everyone enjoys a good laugh and this can be the perfect birthday to give them some funny wishes to make humor around the fact that they are indeed getting older. Let’s face it, there’s nothing we can do about getting older but embrace it and live by the old saying that you’re only as old as you feel. Take the humorous birthday wishes as they are which is a joke and meant to be gag gifts.
Shopping for these types of gifts for the person celebrating the birthday isn’t particularly hard. If you want to shop online you will have even greater success of finding some pretty awesome birthday wishes that poke fun at turning over the hill. Just make sure you order with plenty of time to account for shipping or any other unexpected delays that may occur so you have them in time for the person celebrating their birthday.

Over The Hill Gifts & Birthday Wishes

These types of gifts include mugs that say over the hill, funny canes with mirrors and horns on them, over the hill toilet paper, and much more! We have come across some great party gifts and birthday wishes at Spencer’s Gifts which can be found online and in various mall outlets.
If you are shopping last minute and don’t have time to order online then you should research stores like Spencer’s which specialize in wacky and fun gifts that also cater to landmark birthdays like “over the hill.” Parties can also be catered around turning 40 years old but at that age not everybody wants to celebrate their birthday as if they were a kid again blowing out candles with people surrounding them singing happy birthday.
This type of birthday can be done however in a more formal setting rather than a traditional kid birthday aura. Try having a themed party for adults and enjoy some gag gifts at the end of the night as simple birthday wishes for the birthday boy or girl. This offers a perfect way to have a cocktail party that almost every can enjoy and also allows for an adult type of birthday party celebration that isn’t overbearing and childish. Everyone has to grow up sometime whether they want to admit their age or not. Just be careful giving the over the hill birthday wishes to females because they don’t take kindly to getting old or other people knowing their age!